Prosperity Textile Awarded Clean by Design Certificate of Achievement 2014 by the Natural Resources Defense Council

TIME:4/17/2015 10:14:40



SHANGHAI, China, Apr 15, 2015 – Prosperity Textile (H.K) LTD. (“Prosperity Textile” or the “Company”), a leading denim fabric manufacturer, today

announced that itreceived the Clean by Design Certificate of Achievement 2014 for Top 5 in energy use reduction, organized by the Natural Resources

Defense Council (“NRDC”).


NRDC launched its Clean by Design initiative in 2009 as an innovative “green supply chain” program to leverage the purchasing power of multinational

corporations to reducethe environmental impacts of factories in their suppliers abroad. Working with a number of prominent global apparel retailers and

brands, like Target, Gap Inc., Levi Strauss andCo., and H&M, NRDC has focused this program first in the textile industry in China.


In 2014, thirty-three mills that completed the program — the Clean by Design class of 2014 — provided initial benchmarking information, hosted expert

consultations, submitted implementation plans, undertook improvements, and completed reports to evaluate the results. More than 90 percent of the 231

individual projects proposed for implementation by the mills were completed in 2014, and the program reduced more than 3 million tons of water, 61,000

tons of coal, and 36 million kWhs of electricity in total.


As a responsible corporate citizen, Prosperity Textile unswervingly advocates low-carbon development strategy and integrates green manufacturing

concepts through all stagesof our company’s operation, from eco-materials, recycling water, gas and chemical, to installing sewage treatment system

and eco-washing technology. Through the program ofClean by Design 2014, the Company has successfully reduced the average energy use by more

than 10%.


“It is a great honor to receive this world-class award which recognizes Prosperity Textile’s commitment to sustainability and our devotion to improving

theutilization oflow-carbon manufacturing strategy,” said Mr. Xiang Gu, General Manager of Prosperity Textile. “In future, we will keep focus on

furtherrefining our product manufacturingprocesses and driving reductions in carbon emissions wherever possible.”