At Prosperity Textile, we keep pushing boundaries of denim fabric development, from construction, texture to color, weaving and finishing. Every season, we launch ~100 new fabrics with creative design and refined washing.

Dyeing Lab

All blue stories begin here, from heavily dipped to light tone and deeply saturated to soft touch, without compromising on the indigo spirits. Furthermore, the palette is evolving from blue zone to a more diversified mixture of mysterious black, delightful green and earthy blown.

Denim Washing Workshop

Washing process is essential to denim. Machine wash, refined handcraft or the latest laser/o-zone technology, only to show the best of every single piece of denim fabric, classic, free and unique. Prosperity Textile owns an in-house washing workshop in Shaoguan, with world-class equipment and top experts to better present the true beauty of denim.

Design Center

In Guangzhou, we setup a 600 M2 design center with a team of over 20 designers. The magic here is to promote the fabric in the way that customers can see exactly what our fabric is capable of. Tops, bottoms, straight legs or slim cuts.