Prosperity Textile locates its manufacturing plant in Shaoguan, one of the key forest areas in China, with over 70% forest coverage. With our deep love for the land where we operates, Prosperity Textile unswervingly advocates and implements low- carbon development strategy and integrates green manufacturing concepts through all stages of our company's operation, from product development, raw material procurement and manufacturing, to resource & energy utilization and waste management.

● Natural lighting design in workshops | 317 kWh/day electricity saving

● Cooling/Condensate water recycling | 200 tons/day

● Energy-efficient rinsing baths | 28 tons/day gas saving

● Alkali recycling | 90 tons/day

● Sewage Treatment System | 3500 tons/day capacity

Source matters

We utilize the best quality cotton yarns available in the world, and target to get more from sustainable sources, like BCI, Cotton LEADS™, organic, recycled, etc. Meanwhile, we are bring new innovative eco materials to denim, like the REPREVE® fibers made from recycled plastics.

Eco Washing

Partnering with Jeanologia, Prosperity Textile takes the initiative to introduce Laser Washing and Ozone Washing technology in China, saving up to 60% water and electricity consumption compared to the old-school washing treatment on denim garments.